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The Power of the White Bishop

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Amazing "GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda"

06/08/2021 – Beating the likes of 3 Super GMs (Grischuk, Gujrathi, Karjakin) and the current world champion (Carlsen) is such a feat. Newest World Cup 2021 Champ GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda is “no doubt” a contender to the World Championship Title. His style is solid (Karpov like) with deep theoretical knowledge and very calm.

But the highlight of this story remarkably his game against GM Sergey Karjakin showed mastery and brilliance to refute the Queen’s Gambit – Semi Tarrasch variation.

Now, let us check why the white bishop can become a powerful piece to win a game.

Queen’s Gambit  – Semi-Tarrasch Variation:   The aim of playing 4…c5, aiming a flexible and open game. However, the d5 pawn can become a weakness due to being isolated pawn. It is a matter of time, pawn will fall and the game with the help of a powerful white bishop.

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Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you to work harder and hungrier to win...

CHESS BLOG No. 14 : Date: 6th August 2021



Queen’s Gambit:   Semi-Tarrasch Variation (D40)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda  vs. GM Sergey Karjakin

(Event: 2021  World Cup,  Sochi , Russia)

1:  d4       Nf6    
2: c4        d5
3: Nf3      e6         

4: Nc3     c5       (The Queen’s Gambit – Semi-Tarrasch)       
5: cxd5   cxd4          

6. Qxd4  exd5   

7.  Bg5     Be7      

8.     e3       0-0    
9.     Rd1     Nc6
10.   Qa4     Be6    (Best square for the Queen)

11.    Bb5    Qb6    
12.   Bxf6    Bxf6
13.   Nxd5   Bxd5  (d5 pawn is out)

14.   Rxd5   Bxb2  (Compensate for the d5 pawn but its meaningless due to incoming disaster)    

15.   Ke2     Bf6     (What a way to keep the king safe)

16.  Rhd1   Rac8

17.   Bc4      Qb4   (offer to exchange queens, hoping to reduce pressure)

18.  Qb3     Qxb3
19.  Bxb3


White is advantageous here due to the following reasons:

  1. Rooks control the file.
  2. d7 square is the  landing square for rook.
  3. Bishop at d3 is eyeing f7 pawn.
  4. The bishop at f6 has no threat and can’t prevent white from attacking.
  5. White king is at the center

19.              Nb8   (frustration)
20. g4        h6      (g6 is better)
21. h4        g6         

22  g5        hxg5        
23. hxg5    Be7          

24. Re5      Nc6 

25. Rd7   


Nothing is sweeter than to see the fruit of your labour…

Hardwork is better than Talent…

25…            Bd8

26.   Rb5    Na5

27.    Bd5    (I want you to analyze this position, how nice white’s position. What can black do here? The white bishop is POWER….



Author: RNFMJesse

Profession: Registered Nurse Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ BSIT Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University - Australia/ EARIST- Philippines


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