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Laughter is the best medicine, stay calm, carry on... BUT KEEP SAFE ALWAYS... OBSERVE HEALTH PROTOCOLS...

Your mental health awareness platform

Welcome To Memory Chisel

Another coronavirus variant named (OMICRON) is fast spreading in Africa, Europe and other countries. We need to stay strong, remain calm and carry on with our normal lives but must observe health protocols for the safety of your family and the community. KEEP SAFE ALWAYS.  

Stress plays such a big factor in affecting our mental state of mind. Stress affects the immune system.  Stress is known to play in the development of dementia. We need to stay calm, talk to someone and relate your concerns.

Mental Health Matters

Health Matters

Looks like Covid19 is here to stay, people are depressed and anxious. We need a platform for recreation and brain stimulation to improve mental health.
Happy to serve the community globally...

Improve your Memory

Frontal Lobe (Problem solving, planning and judgment, Intelligence), Temporal Lobe (Short and Long Term Memory), Parietal Lobe (Interprets signals from vision), Occipital Lobe (Interprets vision, colour, light and movements)

Based On Research

We all know that mind games can be fun and challenging. But if we are interested in maintaining brain fitness, then mind sport such as CHESS is the best. It stimulates all six cognitive areas of the brain, enhances memory and concentration.


Observe how Grandmasters play: FOCUSED AND PERSEVERANCE TO WIN...

Youngest grandmaster in chess history

Positive thoughts breeds positive results: THINK POSITIVE

Covid19 has caused consequences of disease outbreaks including eating disorder, depression, anxiety, panic attack, financial stress and confusion.

Workers have suffered mental stress due to lockdown  which affected income and productivity We need to stay strong.

Talk to someone, speak your mind and relate your problems or feelings about what is on your mind. Learn to play chess, it’s good for Mental Health and have a competitive and strong mind.

Please have a look at this article… (

Memory Chisel  is a  Self-Awareness Platform  against Onset Alzheimer’s and has Self-care strategies combating  Mental Health stressors due to Covid19.

This WebApp has  combined Music TherapyBMI Checker – Eating Disorder (Covid-19 Pandemic), Recreational Memory Testing,  Cognitive Testing and Brain Stimulation Platform. It has powerful brain stimulator to preoccupy your mind, enjoy the game and create brain neuroplasticity (rewire itself) by learning and playing the Chess Playing Platform (Tournament or One on  One). You can play your opponent online or play with Chess Engine. There are estimated  one billion chess players worldwide. In India, there are estimated more than 80 million chess players alone.

Chess is very popular as seen in netflix “The Queen’s Gambit“.


Enjoy playing chess but have a hot & delicious coffee first...

CLICK 5 min Blitz to play (human) or click "more" to adjust timer

Enjoy playing chess but have a hot & delicious coffee first...


YouTube videos: WATCH AND LEARN


Chess Lessons: Check above YouTube Videos: Click subscribe to support the channel...


Check this CHESS BLOG: How to play against the solid PIRC DEFENSE using the 5. Be3 line


Chess Blogs & Videos: Learn Chess Openings


The CHESS BLOG is about how to play against the Sicilian Defense using the Alapin variation.

Let us skip playing with chess engine. Since you have already warmed up your brain, solve the figure below.

MC AR21a

Stimulate Your Brain Everyday


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