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Dementia and Onset Alzheimer’s root cause/risk factor is Family DNA and Lifestyle. Undeniably, what we eat is what our body gets. Most foods are made up of chemicals. In early times, people eat raw vegetables with no chemical additives.  THERE IS NO CURE…

Memory Chisel is a Self-Awareness Platform  against Onset Alzheimer’s combined with BMI Checker,  Recreational Memory /Cognitive Testing and Brain Stimulation Platform. It has powerful brain stimulator to create brain neuroplasticity (rewire itself) by learning and playing the Chess Playing Platform (Tournament or One on  One). You can play your opponent online or play with Chess Engine. There are estimated 600 million chess players wordwide. In India, there are estimated 80 million chess players alone.

Chess is very popular as seen in netflix “The Queen’s Gambit“.

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The Australian Government has made significant investments in mental health and suicide prevention prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has continued to do so as part of Australia’s evolving response, with an estimated additional $500 million having been channeled into mental health services so far this year.

In addition to, Australia spent estimated $ 15 billion dollars/year on support and research for Dementia (2018-Dementia Australia).

Mental Health Matters

Health Matters

Looks like Covid19 is here to stay, people are depressed and having anxiety. We need a platform for recreation and brain stimulation to improve mental health.
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Frontal Lobe (Problem solving, planning and judgment, Intelligence), Temporal Lobe (Short and Long Term Memory), Parietal Lobe (Interprets signals from vision), Occipital Lobe (Interprets vision, colour, light and movements)

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We all know that mind games can be fun and challenging, but if we are interested in actually maintaining brain fitness, then mind sports such as CHESS stimulates all six cognitive areas of the brain at the same time and are most beneficial.

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