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Chess Lessons
"Genius is 1% talent, 99% is hard work - Albert Einstein"
Chess Lessons
"Genius is 1% talent, 99% is hard work - Albert Einstein"
Chess Lessons
"Genius is 1% talent, 99% hard work - Albert Einstein"
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Choose a YouTube video you want to watch:  Videos are chess openings and endgames for you to learn...

Chess is the best recreational activity to rewire brain. Please view the YouTube video how a person diagnosed with Alzheimer's regained memory. USE IT OR LOSE IT

Amazing kid, he played World Champ Anatoly Karpov...



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Chess Facts


There Are Estimated One (1) Billion Chess Players Worldwide. Chess Is Originated In India, Considered As One Of The Most Popular Game In India Next To Cricket. The Current World Champion Is Grandmaster (GM) Magnus Carlsen Of Norwayhttps://ratings.fide.com/top.phtml?list=men

Manuel Escudero

It is proven that chess makes our brain sharper and improves memory.

100 year old Manuel Alvarez Escudero from Spain played at the XXXVIII San Lorenzo de El Escorial Tournament and won the veterans category. This is evident that continued engagement in mind games such as chess makes Alzheimer’s away.  

Bill gates

Microsoft Founder and co-Founder

Bill gates and Paul G. Allen enjoyed chess during their school days. They were both excellent in academic and playing chess.

GM abhi

Youngest GM in chess history

 12 year old American GM Abhimanyu Mishra breaks the record as the youngest chess grandmaster in history. He learned to play chess at the age of two and a half. 


Ever Since I Started Playing Chess

I have not encountered or seen same game that starts from beginning to end. It always varies and infinite even computers need time to analyze by the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

dubovs quote

Chess Is Not Just A Game

Chess develops mental training such as reading chess books at very young age, memorizing and understanding chess openings, discovering the ability to focus, calculated risk, deep analysis, spatial aptitude, determination, strategy, planning, emotional intelligence and decision making when you play as a child. From then on, as you aged, you increase your horizon by curiosity such as studying IT, Data Science, Software Engineering, Robotics, Law or Physics.

You looked back, and realized… we owe it all by playing chess as it molded us to think what are the right moves or best moves in life…away from vices such as drugs, smoking, wild partying, chasing too much wasteful fun because chess is about life…not chess as a board game.


Learn How To Play Chess With Us (Beginner Lessons)

chess position

How To Set Up Chess Pieces?

If you notice, there are are 64 squares (32 light and 32 dark squares). There are 16 pieces for white and 16 pieces for black. There are white pawns (8), white rooks (2), white knights (2), white bishops (2), white queen (1) and white king (1). Also, There are black pawns (8), black rooks (2), black knights (2), black bishops (2), black queen (1) and black king (1)

How Bishop Moves?

How Bishop Moves?

Bishops move and capture opponent’s pieces diagonally. Pair of bishops possess a powerful team play because they penetrate white and dark squares.

Chess Lessons How To Move Rooks?

How To Move Rooks?

Rooks are stationary or not active much on opening and middle game stage. But during endgame, these pieces are formidable. Both rooks… when they unite even the opponent’s Queen can’t stop from penetrating.

Chess Lessons Queen moves

How Queen Moves? The 2nd Most Powerful Piece…

Queen is very powerful…annoying force, super penetrating piece. She is acting like operations manager, that dictates the direction of the game. It captures or eliminates opponent’s pieces diagonal, vertical and horizontally.

Chess Lessons king moves

How King Moves? King Is The Most Powerful Piece, Because This Is You….

King is you…. you plan, think 5 moves ahead, and decide what’s best for your kingdom.

Algebraic national guide

How To Annotate Games Or Make Notations On Every Moves You Make, Kindly Follow This Guide:

By learning how to annotate your own games, you will be able to read chess books or games of chess grand masters online.



Annotated Game

Sample Annotated Game Below:

Queen’s Gambit Declined (Semi-Slav D42) Chess Opening Classification

FM Jesse Noel Sales vs. GM Buenaventura “Bong”  Villamayor

(Event: 1997 Philippine Master’s Classic)

1:d4      d5
2:c4      c6
3:Nf3   Nf6
4:Nc3   e6
5:Bg5   h6

The Semi Slav Variation. Solid yet flexible opening. This style of opening avoids the wild Botvinnik Variation.

6. Bf6      Qf6
7. e3        Nd7
8. Bd3     g6
9. 0-0      Bg7
10. e4      dc4
11. e5      Qe7
12. Bc4   0-0
13. Qe2   b5
14. Bd3   b4
15. Na4   c5?!

Black needed to loosen his position with the move 15…c5 but white managed strategically to penetrate the weakness and took control of c ↑ file, there followed control of queen side position as well. If you notice, black bishop became immobile. In order for white to control the position, it is necessary to protect the e5 pawn.

Black position
Annotated Game

16. Rac1 ! 
A very annoying move , this move controls the mobility of black’s queen side pieces…

17. Rc7    Qd8 
18. Rfc1  Nb6 
19. Nb6   ab6 
20. h4      h5 
(forced, otherwise, h5 move is soon coming to open white bishop diagonal penetrating h7)

I will leave this position as your breakfast appetizer… I hope you have learned how to annotate chess moves then would be easy for you to read chess books and analyze Grandmaster games.

white move

Value Of Chess Pieces


Study Of Chess Openings:

 e4 against all black openings..

Many world champions have used Ruy Lopez as their favorite weapon against 1…e5 response of play. Below are the different opening variations of Ruy Lopez opening and other defences against e4 openings.

Bobby Fischer, Garri Kasparov and other world champions have used Sicilian Defense as their main weapon


d4 openings is more on developmental, builder-type opening repertoire. The main difference with e4 openings comparing to d4 is that it is an attacking opening repertoire while d4 is a combination of strategical, king-safety approach and methodical. Below are the black openings versus d4:

To all friends out there who are depressed/feeling boredom or on solitary confinement in your room away from friends or families. I encouraged you to learn how to play chess.. that starts playing with people online of common interest to learn the game. For sure, this will not stop until you challenge yourself to attain a relaxed mind, be back on a fresh positive mindset, be involved… and be back to the community again. It is my pleasure to serve the community the best I can, cheers… from Chess Coach/Registered Nurse:  Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health) graduate – Western Sydney University /FIDE Master Jesse Noel Sales/Founder – Memory Chisel


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