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The Krasenkow Variation


Tribute to GM Michal Krasenkow

23/7/2021 – In recognition of GM Michal Krasenkow’s contribution to chess theory, I would like to thank him for this wonderful move 4. g4 “The Krasenkow Variation”.  Recently, at 57, he represented Poland in the World Cup 2021, reached the 3rd round but lost to 15 year old Indian chess  genius GM Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa  on tiebreak games. I want to share with you one of his best games using the “Krasenkow Variation”.

The Krasenkow Variation:   is an attacking chess opening variation to disrupt black’s kingside.  This variation is used especially if you know your opponent plays the Nimzo-Indian or the Bogo-Indian defense as black. Therefore, to avoid the mainlines, white must play 1. Nf3 first as first move.


CHESS BLOG No. 9 / Date: 23th July 2021


English Opening: Krasenkow Variation  (A18)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Michal Krasenkow vs. GM Oleg M. Romanishin

(Event: 2000  Leonid Stein Memorial, Lviv, Ukraine  – Round 1)

1: Nf3      Nf6       
2: c4        e6
3: Nc3     Bb4      (In Nimzo and Bogo, this is effective but not in Krasenkow)

4: g4 !!    0-0        (4.g4 move is anti-theory)   
5: g5        Ne8      (To retreat is to surrender)

6. Qc2     d5         (Do you notice about white? its reversed Sicilian now…) 

7. b3        Be7      (it seems, Bb4 move is useless..)     

8. Rg1     c5         (black needs to counter before its too late) 

9.      e3      Nc6     

10.   Bd3    f5   
11.   gxf6   Nxf6   (Black’s kingside is vulnerable)     

12. a3        Qe8

13. Bb2     Qh5  
14. Be2      d4     
15. Nxd4   Nxd4  

16. exd4    Qh2   

17: 0-0-0   cd4     (Black is unaware of white’s tactical threat)

18:  Ne4     Qf4

19:  Bd3     Ne4 
20:  Be4      h6

21:  Bxd4    Bf6
22:  Be3      Qd6

23:  c5         Qa6 
24:  a4         Qa5 

25:                        (Analyze this position)    

Author: RNFMJesse

Profession: Registered Nurse Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ BSIT Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University - Australia/ EARIST- Philippines


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