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Kasakhstan's Future GM

17 year old special talent

24/7/2021 – Chess skill can be developed with the help of a chess coach. But according to Sun Tzu “Art of War” , knowing your own strength and weakness is essential to self improvement. Other than what you learn from your coach, you need to self-research and learn how to create your own study method. Sun Tzu also stated that you must also know your opponent other than yourself to win every battle. IM  Bibisara Assaubayeva is a special talent combined with focus and determination to improve. Currently, she is playing  in the 4th round  of  World Cup 2021 – Ladies Division representing Kazakhstan. In my opinion, she will be Women World Chess Champion someday.

Sicilian Najdorf – Poisoned Pawn Variation:   is a complex opening variation, sacrificing the pawn at b2 to gain quick development for white.  However, black can equalize by careful defense to prevent attack at the center or  kingside.

CHESS BLOG No. 10 / Date: 24th July 2021

poisoned pawn1

Sicilian Defense: Poisoned Pawn Variation  (B96)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Kateryna Lagno vs. IM Babisara Assaubayeva 

(Event: 2021  World Cup, Sochi, Russia  – Round 4)

1: e4        c5     
2: Nf3     d6
3: d4       cxd4      

4: Nxd4  Nf6        
5: Nc3     a6          (The Najdorf variation)

6. Bg5     e6         

7. f4        h6          

8. Bh4    Qb6         

9.     Qd2    Qb2    (The Poisoned Pawn Variation)   

10.   Rb1    Qa3     (IM Assaubayeva seems well adept with this type of play)

11.   Be2    Nc6       

12.  Nxc6   bxc6

13. e5        dxe5    (White starts to  break the center) 

14. fxe5     Nd5     (Nice move)     
15. Nxd5   exd5  

16. 0-0      Bc5 ch  (great timing)  

17:  Kh1     Qe3     (exchanging queens is smart move)

18:  Qa5     0-0

19:  Bd3     Bd4
20:  Rbe1   Bb6

21:  Qa4     Qd4
22:  Qxc6   Qh4

23:  Qxb6   Be6 
24:  Qe3     Rab8 

25:  a3                   (Analyze this position)    

Author: RNFMJesse

Profession: Registered Nurse Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ BSIT Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University - Australia/ EARIST- Philippines


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