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GM Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime: The "John Rambo" of Chess

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The wandering king...

11/09/2021 –  Grandmaster’s responsibility before the game starts is to prepare/research upcoming opponent’s  weaknesses and strengths.  In this game between  super GM Vachier-Lagrave versus the rising star – 15 year old genius from India GM R. Praggnanandhaa, who do you think was much prepared?

 Have a coffee and food while checking this game. I am sure you’ll need brain energy to analyze positions and to gain knowledge about the variations used in the Sicilian Four Knights. That’s all for today.. Thank you, enjoy your weekend…

Sicilian  – Four Knights Variation:   is a tricky black opening that leads to unconventional movement of pieces where it delays castling. Sometimes king remains at the center sensing where the king is safer to place.

sicilian 4 knights

CHESS BLOG No. 30 : Date: 11th September 2021

The Sicilian - Four Knights: Action Pack Game

GM Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime is consistently on top of his games. Playing with genius/Indian prodigy GM R. Praggnanandhaa, we expect a wild fight - full of tactics, pieces everywhere, king unsettled surely spectators heart pumping fast due to excitement!!


This game is unique considering the variation used in my opinion, is new and also, placing the white's king unsafe is so nerve-wracking. GM Vachier-Lagrave played like an action packed "Rambo" movie, I can't believe what I saw!!! so brilliant...

Thank you for this game..... my students will be happy to explain this to them....



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