In year 2000, he became World Champion also undisputed World Champion in FIDE and Classical titles.

Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik has won 3 team gold medals in Chess Olympiad. He is highly theoretical  and dangerous when  using 1. Nf3 as white.

He authored my favorite book “KRAMNIK, my life and games”.

The Dutch Defense is a cunning but solid defense. Especially the Leningrad and Stonewall variation. Many white setup has been successful in diverting positions in unusual way where black is not comfortable.

CHESS BLOG No. 4 / Date: 14th July 2021

Dutch Defense: Zukertort Variation (A04)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Vladimir Kramnik vs. GM Vladimir Malaniuk

(Event: 1994 Moscow, Russia – Round 9)

1: Nf3    f5   (The Dutch Defense)
2: g3      Nf6
3: Bg2   d6
4: d4     g6
5: 0-0   Bg7

The  Dutch Defense is similar to King’s Indian Defense but the strategy is different as it fights for central control. 

6.  c4      0-0      (white plays solid setup – g3 line)
7.  Nc3   Qe8        (black plans to push e5)

8.   d5     Na6     (best square for the knight)

9.   Rb1  Bd7   (the Rook at b1 supports b4 push)
10. b4    c5     

11. Be3     f5    
12. f3        f4   (white needs to defend accurately here)
13. dxc6   Bxc6
14. Qb3    Ne4 (black is not aware of white’s tactical plans)

15. Bb2     Nxc3 

16: Bxc3   Bxc3
17:    (GM Kramnik has already expected this position. What do you think his response? think 5 moves ahead. Do not guess.

Author: FMJesse