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WORLD CUP 2021 (updates)


17 year old GM upsets GM Anish Giri

22/7/2021 – GM Anish Giri of Netherlands is ousted in the 3rd round/tiebreak in his encounter against  17 year old GM  Nodirbek Abdusattorov of Uzbekistan.  The young GM has a style of GM Garri Kasparov because of his dynamic play and tenacious character. I have a strong feeling that he will become World Champion someday.  He has no fear due to his  broad theoretical knowledge as shown in his games.

The French Defense:   is a solid set-up  vs. 1. e4.  This type of opening aims to control the center by having a solid pawn structure for a better endgame play. But it depends on the player if wants to complicate position in the middle game to create  a dynamic play in order to counter attack. 

CHESS BLOG No. 8 / Date: 22th July 2021


French Defense: Tarrasch Variation  (C09)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Anish Giri vs. GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov

(Event: 2021 World Cup- Russia  – Round 3, Tiebreak)

1: e4       e6       (The French Defense)   
2: d4       d5
3: Nd2    c5       (White’s Tarrasch Variation)
4: Ngf3   Nc6   
5: exd5   exd5  (the game  now an open position)

6. Bb5     Qe7ch! (tricky)   
7. Be2     Qc7     

8. dxc5     Bxc5   (its dynamic play now)     

9.   Nb3    Bb6   
10. 0-0     Nge7      

11. Nfd4   0-0

12. Be3!    a6  
13. Nxc6  bc6     (Notice black’s pawn structure now)
14. Bxb6  Qxb6  

15. Qd4    Qd4   (I think this is a heavy decision to exchange queens here as white initiated it, thinking black’s pawn structure can be penetrated. But it depends on execution. I think it is much better to retain the queen for active play.

16: Nxd4   Rb8  (white pawns attract attention)
17: Nb3     Bf5

18: Rfc1    a5 
19: Rab1   a4  (Black is controlling the tempo)

20: Nc5   Ra8
21: Bd3   Ra5

22: Bxf5  Nxf5 
23: Nd7   Re8 

24: c5?     d4     (white has made a suspect move here)
25: b4      axb3

26: axb3  Ra2   (here comes the bride… hehe)
27: Nc5    Ree2 ( and the groom)

28: Nd3   Nd6

29: Ra1    Ne4   (This knight is pain to white)
30: Rxa2  Rxa2

31: Re1    f5      (timely) 
32: g4     Ng5    (After 34. g4 white is losing here)

33: Kg2    fxg4  
34: Kg3    Nf3

35: Re7    Rd2  
36: Nf4    d3

37: Re3     (If you play black, what is your plan? how do you respond?

Author: FMJesse

Chess Title: FIDE Master FIDE Chess Rating: 2339 Chess Book Author: Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health) Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University

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