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World Cup 2021 Updates


Unusual way to place the king safe

25/7/2021 – In a battle of wits between  super GM (Lagrave) versus the rising star – 15 year old genius from India (GM Praggnanandhaa), we may never know what to expect. But with the help of seconds/coaches/analysts, they may find ways to outwit opponents by way of opening surprise preparation. In this game, who do you think is much prepared? This is the 4th round game in the World Cup 2021.

Sicilian  – Four Knights Variation:   is a tricky black opening that leads to unconventional movement of pieces where it delays castling. Sometimes the king remains at the center sensing where the king is safer to place.

CHESS BLOG No. 11 / Date: 25th July 2021

sicilian 4 knights

Sicilian Defense: Four Knights Variation  (B45)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime vs. GM  Praggnanandhaa R.

(Event: 2021  World Cup, Sochi, Russia  – Round 4)

1: e4        c5     
2: Nf3     e6
3: d4       cxd4      

4: Nxd4  Nf6        
5: Nc3     Nc6          (The Four Knights variation)

6. Nc6     bc6         

7. e5        Nd5          

8. Ne4    Qc7         (Black queen is checking on e5 pawn)

9.     f4    Qb6        (This is why black’s opening idea is tricky due to white king is exposed)   

10.   c4    Bb4  ch  (This forces the white king to move. Covering the check won’t work)

11.   Ke2     f5        (White king looks vulnerable but I think only me thinking that because GM Vachier-Lagrave knows what he is doing.      

12.  exf6    Nxf6

13.  Be3     Qd8     (nice move by white) 

14. Nd6 ch  Bd6 

15. Qxd6     Bb7   (notice, both king in the middle, so where you going to place your king to safety?)

16. Kd1!!      c5     (black  has to find ways to attack the white king)  

17:  Qxc5    Be4  (white seems precisely calculated it, its no risk at all)

18:  Be2      d6

19:  Qd4     0-0    (black king is safe now)

20:  Kc1     Qc7     (white king is finding the best square to hide)

21:   b3       e5
22:  fxe5    dxe5

23:  Qc5     Qb7    (exchange of queens, no good for black)

24:  Kb2    Nd5     (finally, white king is safe while black sacrifices the knight tactically) 

25:  cxd5   Rfc8     (black is creating a line of attack to the position)    

26.                (Analyze the position)

Author: RNFMJesse

Profession: Registered Nurse Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ BSIT Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University - Australia/ EARIST- Philippines


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