GM Wesley So: Fantastic Chess Moves

Exciting Games: 2021 Aimchess US Rapid

01/09/2021 –  I see you in September when summer is gone… nice song by Gary Lewis and the Playboys (entitled – When Summer is Gone). It is September again and my birthday soon coming…well, I count backwards now…hehe.

Now, the 2021 Aimchess US Rapid – Prelim has met expectations,  presented exciting games. Our featured 2 games of chess genius Filipino-American Super GM Wesley So will provide us insights about his opening strategy versus the  Nimzo-Indian and Petroff Defense. I played him in the National Grandfinals in the Philippines. He was just a kid before, I better not tell you the result, hehe. Let’s check his wonderful games and learn from it.

How to Avoid Playing the "Nimzo-Indian Defense?

CHESS BLOG No. 22 : Date: 1st September 2021

Can we avoid the Nimzo-Indian Defense?

The Nimzo-Indian Defense is a fast developing chess opening. The idea behind this opening is to castle early then creates an imbalance position at white's queenside and later hits the center via pawn breaks.

GM Anatoly Karpov likes this setup because it is an Open (Game) and Dynamic. Let us check the 4. Qc2 line how this setup can disrupt black's bad intentions.

However, you can avoid playing the Nimzo-Indian by playing 1. Nf3 first. Kindly watch the YouTube video to have insights how to avoid the dangerous Nimzo-Indian Defense.


Endgame advantage: The Petroff Defense

The Petroff Defense is perfect for chessplayers to play for quick positional equality. The exchange of e-pawn at the center invites fast development of pieces both sides. Although, new theoretical developments on this opening set-up is already on use, still needed more research to be more competitive in comparison to the Ruy Lopez Defense.

Let us find out "Why" and "How" GM Wesley So managed to win versus the Petroff Defense.



Author: FMJesse