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A brave move 3. d4 that backfired


Experimental move at the category 2700 tournament level

12/08/2021 – The  4th Leg of the GCT Saint Louis Rapid 2021 started on August 11 to 15th at the Saint Louis Chess Club. Our featured game today is the game between GM Mamedyarov, S. vs GM Le, Q.

Prepared lines are significant to outplay incoming opponents but sometimes can backfire depending who you are playing with.

Let’s find out why 2782 rated GM Mamedyarov used this 3. d4 line versus a  very strong 2709 rated GM Le of Vietnam. Do you think it’s a bluff move or opening preparation at move 3?

The Vienna Opening :   This opening setup by white wants to develop pieces quickly depending on the player’s style. White’s possible 3rd moves are the following:  3. f4;  3. Nf3;  3. Bc4 or  3. g3.  The featured game move 3. d4 is  shown in the above diagram.

GM Le1

CHESS BLOG No. 15 : Date: 12th August 2021



The Vienna Opening:  (C26)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Mamedyarov, S.  vs. GM Le, Q

(Event: 2021  GCT – Saint Loius Chess Club,  USA)

1. e4        e5    
2. Nc3     Nf6     (The Vienna Game)
3. d4       exd4   (White’s move 3. d4 is too ambitious)       

4. Qxd4  Nc6     (White’s setup starts to backfire here)  
5: Qd3    Bc5         

6. Bf4     0-0    (Black’s king is safe now, ready to attack white)   

7.      f3         d5     (First strike!!)     

8.     0-0-0    d4    
9.     Nb1      Be6  (Black’s pieces are well coordinated)

10.   a3        Qe7   (Best square for the Queen)

11.   Bg5      h6    
12.   Bh4     Ne5
13.   Qd2     Ng6    (Great timing for white)

14.   Bg3      Rfd8        

15.   Bd3      Bb6     (pawn roll is coming)

16.   h4        c5

17.   h5        c4   (Analyze this position)


Let’s check this middle game position:

  1. White king at c1 is much vulnerable to attack.
  2. Black king much safer.
  3. White pieces are uncoordinated such as knight at b1, knight at g1, as well as queenside is congested.
  4. It just a matter of time black will penetrate white’s queenside position.

18.  hxg6   cxd3   (Strike 2)
19.  Qd3     Rac8  
20.  e5        Bc4          

21.  Qd2     Bb3       
22.  exf6    Qe3    (Strike 3)       

23. gxf7     Kxf7

24. 0-1       (White Resigned)   



Author: RNFMJesse

Profession: Registered Nurse Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ BSIT Founder: Memory Chisel University: Western Sydney University - Australia/ EARIST- Philippines


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