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GM Carlsen's successful bait!!


World Cup Quarterfinals

28/7/2021 – What a relief for the current  world champion GM Magnus Carlsen to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2021. It was a tough match against GM Esipenko, Andrey (Russia), FIDE Standard Rating: 2716. The match started with standard games resulting in a draw,  then moved to 10 minute tiebreak games, both scored 2 each. Finally, for another tiebreak,  into a 5 minute blitz game which Carlsen won and clinched the match.

Additionally, GM Esipenko’s FIDE blitz rating (2595) is way much lower  than GM Carlsen’s FIDE Blitz rating of 2886. Playing under time constraint is a major factor to miss checking threats, traps or baits. Therefore, it is essential  for experts and upcoming masters to practice playing shorter time controlled games such as blitz either 5 or 3 minutes per game.

In this game, GM Carlsen set up a bait which GM Esipenko fell for.

Italian Game  – Classical Variation:   is a solid black opening that brings out pieces at kingside early in order to control the center and place the king to safety. This opening is highly used by super GMs for a comfortable game having chances to counter white’s plans.


CHESS BLOG No. 12 : Date: 28th July 2021


Italian Game:   Classical Variation (C53)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Esipenko, Andrey vs. GM Carlsen, Magnus

(Event: 2021  World Cup, Sochi, Russia  – Round 5)

1: e4        e5     
2: Nf3     Nc6
3: Bc4     Bc5     

4: c3        Nf6        
5: d3       d6          (The Classical variation)

6. 0-0     h6         

7. Re1     0-0          Both side on safety first approach)          

8. h3      a6         (Creating a hide for the bishop at c5))

9.     a4   Ba7       

10.   Nbd2  Re8  ch  (It is a must to control the center)

11.   b4        Be6        (Eliminating the power of the white bishop at c4)     

12.  Be6      Re6

13.  Qc2     Qd7     

14. Nf1       d5       (black is gaining space advantage here) 

15. Be3       Be3

16. Ne3      Ne7     (black  has to find ways to place pieces on a defensive mode)

17 . Rab1    Rd8

18.  a5        Ng6  (heading to f4 square)

19.  c4        c6

20. Red1   Nf4

21: Nf5  g6     (If you are white, how do you respond here, will you accept the bait? Why and Why not? Analyze the position.



Author: FMJesse

Chess Title: FIDE Master/ FIDE Chess Rating: 2339/ Education: Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)/ Founder: Memory Chisel/ University: Western Sydney University


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