The SemiFinals: GM Firouzja vs. GM Artemiev

The Gladiators in Chess Arena

04/09/2021 –  GM Alireza Firouzja (2759) versus GM Vladislav Artemiev (2704) is a nice match up, both are competitive and hungry for glory.  Vlad is a builder/likes structured  play yet with calm attitude, similar to World Champ Anatoly Karpov.  Alireza on the other hand likes  dynamic and aggressive play, his games are entertaining to watch.

I have selected two games which are contrasting  type of play.  One thing is specific, both are good at handling white pieces. Who will win this match? Your guess is as good as mine…

CHESS BLOG No. 24 : Date: 4th September 2021

Avoiding Opening Pet Line Territory

The Berlin Defense is becoming popular due to new theories of GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Wesley So revelead their opening preparation in recent games (check Blog No. 20 for more details). GM Alireza Firouzja can not afford to play the positional setup of the Berlin Defense due to exchange of queen at early opening stage.

However, GM Vladislav Artemiev converted it to a Pirc setup. But then GM Firouzja returned the favor of transposing the game into a d4 opening versus the King's Indian Defense theme..

This is a game of strategy to find weak squares, accumulate pressure then hit the final stroke to win the game. Fantastic Moves!!


The Queen's Gambit vs. White's 6. b3 line

I find this 6. b3 line much comfortable to use, instead of the normal 6. d4 line. After 6. d4, black's 6...dxc4 will get to vast theory playing the Catalan. If you are less prepared, the 6. b3 line is preety safe to use and less complication.

Lets find out GM Artemiev's idea why he beat GM Firouzja to even the score. The Strategist versus The Attacker....



Author: FMJesse