09/08/2021 – Congratulations to GM Wesley So on achieving  another significant milestone in winning the 2021 Chessable Masters. He beat GM Le Quang Liem of Vietnam in the Finals (Rapid).  GM Wesley So is such a well prepared player either using e4 or d4 as white. His unpredictability and high chess IQ make him dangerous to play with.

GM Wesley So is a rare prodigy combined with passion to learn more and more is his super skill. He has God-given talent which he nurtured well.

I am fascinated of his game versus GM Le Quang Liem how he handles the Ruy Lopez Opening.  Let’s find out and learn from it…

The Ruy Lopez:   This type of opening is flexible yet quick in developing pieces and castles early as well. Strategy is essential to occupy key squares many times especially with knights help. Center control is also important to maintain positional balance.

It’s not about money or connections – it’s the willingness to outwork and out-learn everyone.... MARK CUBAN

CHESS BLOG No. 15 : Date: 9th August 2021


The Ruy Lopez: Closed  Variation (C92)  Chess Opening Classification

GM Wesley So  vs. GM Le Quang Liem

(Event: 2021  Chessable Masters (Rapid) – chess24 -internet)

1:  e4        e5    
2: Nf3      Nc6
3: Bb5      a6      (The Ruy Lopez)        

4: Ba4      Nf6     (Both aim is to develop pieces first)     
5: 0-0       Be7

6. Re1       b5 

7. Ba4      d6        (again, annoying white bishop)   

8. c3     0-0       (c2 is safe haven for the white bishop)  

9. h3        Bb7   (h3 is prophylactic move – not allowing pin)

10.     d4        Re8
11.     Ng5     Rf8    

12.     Nf3       Re8   
13.     Nbd2    Bf8
14.     a4          exd4  (black wants to open the position)

15.    cxd4      h6      

16.    Bc2        Nb4        

17.    Bb1       c5        (the importance of keeping the white bishop)

18.    d5         Nd7     (Notice: the black bishop will become like statue for display)

19.  Ra3        c4         (now, the rook is pivoting to kingside)

20.  Nd4      

Let’s visualize white’s strategy to attack black’s kingside:

  1. Rook at a3 is heading to g3 square 
  2. Bishop at b1 eyeing h7 square
  3. Bishop at c1  pointing at h6
  4. Knight at d4 hopping to f5 square
  5. Queen at d1 is checking on g4 or h5 squares

20…          Qf6     (Queen is too late to protect the king)

21. N2f3   Nc5      
22. b3       Nd3    (b3 is tricky move)         

23  Bxd3  Nxd3        
24. Re3    b4        (rook is heading to g3 square)          

25. Ra1      Ne5

26. Nxe5   dxe5    
27. Nf5      c3

28. Rf3      Qd8

29.   (If you are white, what is your next move?)


Author: FMJesse