The Finals: GM Carlsen vs. GM Artemiev

The Champion's Match: 1st Set Result

06/09/2021 –  Updates:  World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen (2847) won 2 games versus GM Vladislav Artemiev (2704) in the 1st set of the 2021 Aimchess US Rapid Finals.

The games were super interesting because the prepared lines are a bit above  my opening knowledge, I admit. The lines chosen by GM Carlsen are intended to startle GM Artemiev. It is imperative to check nerves in order to focus well. Meditation or Yoga may work…before the game starts. Below are  2 exciting games for you mentally to decipher and digest.

CHESS BLOG No. 26 : Date: 6th September 2021

The Tarrasch Variation vs. 5.dxc5 line

The Tarrasch variation is one of favorite openings of former World Champ Gary Kasparov. The idea behind this opening is to hit white's center pawn at the same time develop pieces quickly. The disadvantage of this line is the isolated d5 pawn after exchanges become major target for white.

However, the move 5. dxc5 undeniably stunned GM Artemiev. Well for me, it is really a SURPRISING MOVE!!!

Let's find out why I was surprised... are you?


The English Opening: Transformation/Diversion Tactics

This game started with a normal English setup 1. c4 2. Nf3 3. Nc3 for white. But the forth move 4. e3, GM Artemiev chose solid but defensive setup for white instead of sharp lines. Once, GM Carlsen placed his pawn at move 7... c4, GM Artemiev was not able to equalize, stayed defensive for the rest of the game.

Let us hope GM Artemiev prepared well and found an antidote to bounce back to even the score. Let's check this game and learn.



Author: FMJesse